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Objective: Increase Your Profitable Sales

communicationKlebanoff Associates provides services to information technology vendors that want to better communicate the features, functions and, particularly, benefits of their products and services to their markets. The goal is more profitable sales.

Information technology products are different. When selling, for example, a stapler you can precisely state how many staples it will hold, whether it's manual or electric, the colors it's available in and, possibly, the results of durability tests performed by an independent laboratory. Information technology products aren't like that. You might be able to quote speeds and feeds, list features and functions and describe a few of the benefits, but, for the most part, the worth of your product is dependent primarily on how it is put to use by the customer. Outside of the customer's context, the benefits are nebulous.

Another difference is that stapler buyers rarely bet their companies on the stapler's performance, but an information technology purchase is often a bet-the-company decision.

communicationMessage to Market

Klebanoff Associates unique blend of information technology and marketing experience and skills will help you to craft your messages in marketing collateral that will be understook and acted upon by the market. Our goal is to ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear among the cacophony that overwhelm's today's information techonology markets.

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