Klebanoff Associates

bright lightWho We Are

Klebanoff Associates, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Joel Klebanoff after four years of providing marketing consulting services as a sole proprietorship. Prior to that, Joel was an employee at companies where he initially was a business application programmer/analyst before completing his MBA and moving into the marketing arena. Based in Toronto, Canada, Klebanoff Associates provides marketing communication services to computer hardware, software and services vendors across North America.

Klebanoff Associates currently has one full-time employee — Joel Klebanoff. So who are the "associates" in Klebanoff Associates? Most of the company's work is writing services provided exclusively by Joel Klebanoff, but additional professionals are contracted as required to provide a more complete marketing communications package. Operating as a virtual company, Klebanoff Associates can draw on the highest quality and most appropriate resources for the job at hand. We can put a team together at your disposal that includes consultants, writers, graphic designers and other marketing communication professionals as required to meet your unique needs.

Those aren't the only associates. Klebanoff Associates works closely with its customers in a highly collaborative effort to optimize value for its customers. Thus, Klebanoff Associates' most important associates are its customers.